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Musings are thoughts, observations or the sudden realization there is a connection between other thoughts and observations! Not meant to convince anyone, they are simply and indication of a growing mind.

Share Something that Lasts Forever

Albireo Double Star in Cygnus

My wife tells the story of the “favorite” gift I have given her.  It is the stars.  She’ll be the first to admit each little observation I shared was not always completely appreciated at the moment.  (Mostly because the occurred during the long walk to the front door while I had custody of the house keys.)   Over time, her interest grew.  Then her curiosity grew.  Then, as she tells it, she never felt far from me because the stars were always “ours”.  Forever there.

Her favorite is Alberio.

The point is, don’t be hesitant to share your passion with people even if they do not seem to understand at first.  Be gentle.  Be patient. Be tenacious. And know that sometimes the difference you make in other people’s lives will not be readily apparent.